Ah, meu dia foi ótimo..... tudo sussegado.. minha compra do submarino chegou.... meu dvd da noviça rebelde :)
New Model No. 15

i'm as fake as a wedding cake
and i'm vague and i know that i'm
pitifully predictable
correctly political
i'm the new, i'm the new, new model
i've got nothing inside
better in the head and in bed
at the office
i can suck and i smile
new model
I can choke and diet on coke
i'm spun and i know
that i'm stoned and rolling
lifelike and poseable
hopeless and disposable
don't let them know how far you go
or that you use your "lovers"
oh look, you're like a vcr
stick something in to know
just who you are you
new model