Are You a Natural Leader?


Congratulations, you're a born leader! Your leadership skills are quite well-developed, which makes you a tremendous resource at work - someone people can look to for guidance and direction. You've got a strong combination of workplace-friendly traits - from organizational skills to communication ability. These talents let you adapt to many different work situations and improve them; they'll remain valuable no matter what kind of career you choose. Succeeding at work is often simply a question of solving problems, and you're just the person to tackle them. To learn more about your specific strengths, keep reading:


Order! Order! Your strong organizational skills make you an excellent candidate for success as a leader. Your talent for keeping everything in the right place means that you can concentrate on more important tasks. And once you've organized your workplace, your overall productivity increases by leaps and bounds.


Do it once, and make it count! Since you're the poster child for workplace efficiency and follow-through, that could be your motto. You have a keen understanding of how work works, and you know how to make things happen - which translates into excellent leadership potential. While others are still spinning their wheels, you've sped off, leaving skid marks behind you.


Go, team, go! Your sense of teamwork is so strong you're practically out on the field doing cheers. Which is great - the ability to communicate and work closely with others is essential to good leadership. Team-building skills are the foundation of all interactions with your co-workers and can set the tone at work. So give yourself a pat on the back - your talent in this area gives you a real leadership edge.


You're a born leader ... and you know it! Confidence is a key component of leadership. And it's more than just feeling sure of yourself. It's about tackling new situations without being held back by any doubts. Your strong confidence level lets you focus your energies on success and truly shine as a leader at work.