Acabei de receber esse e-mail de um amigo conhecido meu nos estados unidos, esse e-mail foi enviado para os membros da Mars Society e como representante brasileira tive acesso ao mesmo... acho que deve ser analisado para ver o que realmente nos espera daqui pra frente.


Curious about the tragic explosion of the NASA space shuttle Columbia? Wonder how, after a sixteen month total retrofit completed less than a year go, it could have such a catastrophic problem? Moreover, everything was triple checked because of the Israeli crew member. The Columbia was probably in better mechanical condition than any shuttle ever to go into space.

I think there's a lot more going on than we're being told, and I don't say so idly. I was stationed at the U.S. Army White Sands Missile Range in the early 80's and ran into some really ugly things there - substantial enough that the cover-up extends all the way to Washington DC. White Sands is an alternate landing site for the Space Shuttle, and I worked at the Weather Forecasting station there - the weather conditions being extremely critical to shuttle operations, as you probably know. The government got so flustered by my persistence, my U.S. Congressman told me in 1999 that only a formal Act of Congress would force the army to reopen my case.

I asked; no luck. So, I wrote an autobiographical novel about it all, and it was published by 1st Books Library in 2000. My story is suddenly quite pertinent to the current situation, and I thought you might be interested. Details are on my home page at You'll also find all my Ph.D research in Aerospace Engineering here at the University of Texas at Austin.

The bottom line is this: the evidence is circumstantial at best, but there's an outside chance that the chemical laser at the High Energy Laser Facility at White Sands is to blame. (I actually visited HELSTAF when I was on post; and later gave a two hour formal presentation of some of my research on the dissipation of lasers because of atmospheric disturbance, to the Post Commander Major General Niles Fulwyler and the Chief Scientist Dr. Ralph Davies.) This chemical laser is the $1 trillion "Star Wars" laser used for the Strategic Defense Initiative. The system is operational because the Bush Administration announced just ten days ago that it would be fully deployed by 2004.

How could the best shuttle in our fleet not make a routine landing on a perfect weather day following a liftoff and mission routine that was completely trouble free. My theory is that the chemical laser was tracking the shuttle as part of an SDI test, which everybody knows the Administration is obsessed about. NASA probably did not even know about it, and so didn't know to tell the Defense Department about the tiles that fell off one wing at liftoff. This allowed enough extra energy to build up in the shuttle (because of the tracking laser), that in addition to the reentry friction, a catastrophic structural failure resulted.

I have all the evidence on my website for your consideration. I can't say much about the crash itself, but I can vouch for some pretty damn peculiar goings on at White Sands . . .

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Nostra disse...

e impressionante!!!
Como o cara consegue dizer precisamente qual foi a causa do acidente sendo que a NASA nem comecou a examinar os destrocos? Adivinhacao? O cara e parente do Walter Mercado? (aquele do ligue dja).
Pura e simples especulacao do figura ai...

Tiago (Ex-Vizinho) disse...

Fucking booshit!! Esse cara deve ser um louco, que fica jogando dadinho o dia inteiro na frente do pc!! Ele precisa rever os conseitos!!

Taty disse...

hehehehe mas q e interessante e vai?