Acordei com essa musica na cabeca

Come on over (all I want is you)

C'mon over, c'mon over, baby. (x4)

Hey, boy, don't you know

I've got something going on (yes, I do)

All my friends are gonna come

Gonna party all night long

I know, you know, I just want us to go

The fun we'll have

You'll never be alone

So boy, won't you come?

We will party till the dawn. Listen to me...


(all I want is you) come over here baby

(all I want is you) you make me go crazy

(all I want is you) no baby don't be shy

You better cross the line

I'm gonna love you right 'cos(all I want is you!)

C'mon over, c'mon over, baby. (x4)

I want you to know

You could be the one for me

(yes, you could)

You've got all I'm looking for

You've got personality

I know, you know, I'm gonna give more

But boy you know, I never felt this way before

So, boy won't you come?

Won't you come and open the door?